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Jonny Kerry is a world-renowned jazz artist who has earned recognition as a singer-songwriter, pianist, and accordionist. Although primarily a jazz musician, Jonny draws inspiration from a diverse range of music genres, including soul, blues and European folk music. He mainly performs original compositions and has amassed millions of online streams attracting a loyal fanbase of over 25,000, who continue to grow by the day.

Jonny's music is characterised by his expressive style, personal compositions, and smooth vocals, accompanied by virtuosic piano and accordion playing, making him one of the most unique and original jazz artists of his generation in the UK.

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“The player making the accordion cool again”

- John Bungey (The Times)

“Amazing player, thanks so much for playing at my party with the London Django Collective”

- Tom Odell (Singer-songwriter)

“Amazing musician, professional from start to finish and played beautifully on set.”

- Assitant director (The Peaky Blinders)

“The quartet’s eponymously titled album features three players that match the leader for precision, fluency and expression. All delivered in pristine sound with rigorous attention to detail in performance and production.”

- The Jazz Journal

“Jonny Kerry reminds me of the American Jazz Accordionist Ernie Felice. A very good musician & singer”

- Richard Galliano

“Jonny Kerry's music instantly takes you to a hotter climate. I thoroughly enjoyed the album.”

- BBC radio Lincolnshire